Do You Own An Unused Piece Of Land That Does Not Produce Any Income But Costs You Money And Headaches? We Can Fix That!

The Easiest Way To Sell Your Land For A Good Amount Of Cash Without Any Costs

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 2 business days PLUS our valuable land-selling “How-To” guide, an illuminating interview with a land expert, a free mobile notary service + zero closing costs and a $250 Amazon or Hotel voucher (

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 2 business days PLUS our valuable land-selling “How-To” guide, an illuminating interview with a land expert, a free mobile notary service + zero closing costs and a $250 Amazon or Hotel voucher (

Do you live far away from your land and never visit?

Did you inherit the land and you don’t want it?

Do you own land and have no plans to use it?

Is Your Land A Burden For You And Your Family?

Owning vacant land can be a burden. You have to pay property taxes, liability insurance to protect yourself, and upkeep costs that mount up each month.

Vacant land can be a financial drain on you every month: you’re paying for something that isn’t generating any income for you. You probably know that already but don’t have the time to take care of this problem or you are scared by the sales process. The result is just one: you keep losing money AND the stress of being aware of this uncomfortable situation brings unnecessary stress in your life.

Diendei Land Investments is a proven easy and trouble-free solution to your problem: we will help you turn your underperforming land into immediate cash flow!

Is Your Land A Liability, Or An Asset?

If you’re still asking “Should I sell my land,” our research will show you the TOP six reasons why landowners want to sell their land:

They’re out-of-state owners, and they rarely or never see their land.

They owned the property for a long time and did nothing with it.

They have financial issues and need cash now to get through these times.

They want to avoid foreclosure or tax sale because they’re behind on taxes.

They inherited this piece of land but don’t want it and prefer the cash.

They want to stop paying all the expenses like taxes, liability insurance, and others.

If you recognize yourself in one of these situations - or in a similar one - now you are just one “click” away from fixing it: take action NOW!

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 2 business days PLUS our valuable land-selling “How-To” guide, an illuminating interview with a land expert, a free mobile notary service + zero closing costs and a $250 Amazon or Hotel voucher (

Are You Sure About Working With A Realtor?

Our number one priority is to educate you because many landowners don’t know what to be aware of when selling their land and where to start. So, is using a realtor the best option to get your property sold? Perhaps not. In fact, if you’re considering working with a realtor, be aware of the following aspects:

You won’t get the profit that you were expecting: realtors’ commission fees are up to 10% of the sale price. That’s pretty insane, isn’t it?

Realtors charge the buyer - not just the seller - with a commission fee: this makes it more difficult to find buyers.

99% of the realtors may have a solid knowledge of the housing market but do not understand “land”, which is a very specific real estate niche.

You will find many realtors claiming that they know how to sell your property fast. Well, they just don’t!

It’s very likely that your realtor, despite the promises, won’t be capable of attracting buyers. It can take months or years - to sell without any guarantee that someone will buy your property.

If your land has issues, realtors won’t list it and it will be on you to solve it all. You are alone in the process!

While waiting… You still need to pay all the expenses to avoid land issues.

To sell to a trusted land investor is the best way to avoid these uncomfortable situations and the most suitable option if you look for a hassle-free, quick sale in exchange for a good amount of cash!

Sell Your Land And Create a Better Legacy

Let us paint you a picture of what you will be able to do with more cash after you sell your land to us:

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 2 business days PLUS our valuable land-selling “How-To” guide, an illuminating interview with a land expert, a free mobile notary service + zero closing costs and a $ 250 Amazon or Hotel voucher (

We Buy Any Land And Help Any Landowner

Here are two stories about how we helped our recent land sellers:

Brad had 2 rural vacant lots in Pennsylvania that he really wanted to sell but he had been told for many years that they were landlocked (with no legal access). We put in some work and found that a Right-of-way had been granted 40 years before by the neighbours. Not only was he totally unaware but also, he had received bad advice for quite a long time! We ended up buying both his lots: Brad got a cash boost and was even happier to be rid of the land he thought he was stuck with. A win-win outcome for everyone!
Josh lived in Florida but he owned several infill lots in Arizona. He needed to sell those as fast as possible and use the profit to cover some expensive treatments to fight serious health issues that he was facing at that time. Additionally, the stress deriving from owning those distant properties was not helping his health. As we heard of his situation we knew we had to fix that. And we did: we removed all the stress by taking care of everything, closed safely, and he was able to put some cash toward his health problems. Today, Josh is living happy and healthy in Florida with his wife Shannon and their two beautiful kids.

Introducing Arturo, The Founder And Navy Officer

My name is Arturo Paturzo. I started my land-flipping journey a few years ago trying to help a friend and Brother in Arms from the US Army with whom I was working (I am an active duty Navy Officer). My friend had inherited some unwanted lots in Arizona.

I was already running a real estate company at that time but had never considered land investments. As I started to look for a way to help him, I immediately realized that he was just one among many landowners living the frustrating condition of owning vacant land just to pay taxes year after year and take care of it without it being profitable in any possible way. He was my Buddy: I just had to help him. So, without thinking too much about it, I bought his unwanted land myself for cash, giving my little contribution to a better future for him and his family. This was my first step into the land-flipping World.

Our Mission Is A Win-Win Outcome Every Time

We have helped many landowners out of uncomfortable situations and also improved their lives or helped them to accomplish their personal goals by paying a fair amount of money for their land. Our core company values you can depend on are:




Win-Win Outcome

You Will Experience This With Us

Extremely fair offer

You will get a good cash offer for your property, based on its present value, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision.


We ensure the highest professional standards, transparency, and ethics while keeping the process fast and easy for you.

”YOU” above the deal

We value people above deals. We commit to helping others out of a situation they want – or need – to get out of.

We buy any land

We consider all parcels, no matter their size, zoning (residential, commercial, industrial), and value.

We Are Removing All The Pain Of Selling Vacant Land

By definition, a piece of land that does not produce any income and just takes money out of your pocket is a liability. Our job is to fix the liability, pay a fair amount of money, and close fast, to get you the cash ASAP. How are we removing all the pain?

Zero work

We always take care of everything including all the legal documents for selling land.

Zero fees or expenses

We pay back taxes and all closing expenses (title company/ attorney, title insurance, recording fees, notary, postage, etc.) No commissions either

Zero Middleman

At the end, we are your buyers and not real estate agents negotiating with strangers!

Zero wasted time

Because we’re your buyers and not real estate agents, we are also able to close on your land very quickly: it won’t sit on the market for months/years!

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 2 business days PLUS our valuable land-selling “How-To” guide, an illuminating interview with a land expert, a free mobile notary service + zero closing costs and a $ 250 Amazon or Hotel voucher (

The Selling Process Is Easy, Fast, And Comfortable

1.Submit Your Land Inquiry

Fill out the form or call us to discuss your property. We’ll begin our review process. We look at county data, recent sales data, and we research comparable properties to determine what we can offer you for your property.

2. We Make You A Cash Offer

We will contact you either by phone or email to present and discuss with you our cash offer for land. Once we have come to an agreement, we’ll prepare a purchase agreement and send it your way.

3. We Take Care Of The Bureaucracy

After that, we will do all due diligence so you can sell your land to us with ease and without any problems. We will fix any issues with your land, and also ensure the title is clear. Then we will arrange a closing date by your preference. Leave all the work to us!

4. You get paid

Once due diligence is all done we will begin the escrow closing process and arrange a closing date. Upon closing, funds will be sent to you by check or wired to your bank account from our title company/real estate attorney safely

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction And More

Claim Your FREE Land-Selling Premium Rewards!

Read Honest Feedback From Our Sellers

Landowners Mostly Ask These Questions

  • We assess the market value of vacant land very accurately. Pricing vacant land is way more difficult than pricing a single-family home or an apartment complex, especially in the absence of similar lots in the vicinity. We overcame this challenge by using the most innovative software tools currently available and by implementing an effective and verified process. This approach is what allows us to determine the exact market value of each property that we consider buying.
  • We are ready to pay you a fair amount of cash for your property. At Diendei Land Investments we allocate about 60% of our annual budget to acquisitions, which are the most critical cog of our business. Although not being able to pay full market value for all the properties that we buy, we are always ready to go the extra mile and make additional efforts for those properties matching our investment criteria.
  • You are going to receive your money with NO DELAY. We build very transparent relationships with our sellers. If we buy your property, we are going to take title and become owners (we DO NOT assign contracts to third parties/final buyers) and we will be your only point of contact during the whole transaction. The straight relationship that we create with our sellers and the net of the skilled and reliable real estate professionals (title companies, attorneys, etc.) working with us, are the two key factors bringing the agreed amount of money directly into your bank account with no delay.
  • We keep it simple! It’s part of human nature to overcomplicate things that would be otherwise easy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change when it comes to land transactions. At Diendei Land Investments, we use a different approach though, based on the conviction that all transactions should follow an extremely simple and fluid process. In order to avoid procedural issues and/or inefficiencies (usually associated with self-closed transactions), we always use accredited professionals to take care of title work, closing, and money disbursement. Additionally, we cover all the closing costs (also probate, on a case-by-case basis) and recording fees! We work to make the whole experience simple and pleasant for you!

Sure you can! The fastest way for you to submit a property to our attention and receive an offer from us is to fill out the form that you can find on our website. That said, of course, you can still send an email to or call (727) 594-5935.

Depending on a series of factors (including location, acreage, presence of utilities, legal and physical access, etc) we could decide to hold it within our Family and develop in the future for personal use OR to match it up with people who just look for that type of land and sell it to them.

It is by far the fastest way I can get back to you with an offer. Once you have provided the relevant info about your property through the online form, we’ll get them almost immediately, go through the main features of your vacant land, and, finally, generate our best and most personalized offer.

Absolutely NOT. We are not realtors and we’re not charging any fees. The offer reported on our purchase agreement will be the exact amount of money that you’ll receive.

From the moment that you have submitted your property to our attention, we will reach out to you by email or by phone within 2 business days to present our offer to you.

The purchase agreement is the document that spells out exactly what we will pay as well as the terms of the transaction. It needs to be signed by both the seller(s) – intended as the owner(s) of the property as per the current deed – and the buyer – our company – and it DOES NOT need to be notarized. After that you (as seller) have signed it, all you need to do is to email the signed file (pdf, jpeg, or png) to (easiest and fastest way) OR send it by fax OR mail to us (you can find all our contacts at the bottom of this webpage). Once the purchase agreement is signed, we will forward it to the title company or estate attorney to open escrow and finalize the closing.

The title company/estate attorney will wire the money to your bank account or send a check to you, in line with your directions.

YES! I Am Ready To Get My Fair Cash - And Bonuses - For My Land Fast!

You’re just one step away from being the next happy land seller. Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision:

P.S.: This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell your land quickly without any fees or stress, for a fair cash price.

P.P.S.: Unfortunately our spots are limited: we made the decision to work with a few landowners every month just to be able to take care of them as they deserve. If you are considering working with us, we suggest you to not wait any longer: click below to get your premium extras along with an offer for your vacant land right away!

Get a fair no-obligation offer within 2 business days PLUS our valuable land-selling “How-To” guide, an illuminating interview with a land expert, a free mobile notary service + zero closing costs and a $250 Amazon or Hotel voucher (

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